Precision-calculated meals
Personal focus on getting you to your goal. No copy-paste programmes or rough guidance, we provide an exact blueprint.

Variety of delicious recipes
For any change to become sustainable, you must enjoy the process so we use the foods you love.

Training that works for you
We combine exercises that will get results for you. Video coaching with you as the protagonist.

We will make weekly and monthly evaluations. If adjustments are required, we can change your plan.

Unlimited support
We will be alongside you throughout the programme, we don’t just share some send you on your way.

Powerful app
You will have all of your resources at your fingertips. Very easy to navigate with a shallow learning curve.

A passionate fitness coach
Andrea lives and breathes the essence of fitness. Over the years on her own journey, she has experienced countless approaches to gaining muscle mass and losing fat through diet and training. She has repeatedly gone through the different phases of competition preparation in the world of Bikini Fitness. She studied sports nutrition and through practice has learned which methods work best to achieve the desired physical changes in a healthy and balanced way.