The programme costs €149,99 monthly. The initial programme runs for three months. Payment is taken monthly via direct debit. Renewal at the end of the term is not automatic or required. Upon completing the first phase (month three), there is no penalty for leaving the programme therein.

We want to help you celebrate your continued success and for you to gain momentum. From the fourth month onwards, you will have access to a reduced rate of €119,99 per month. From month four, we will set up a new direct debit which renews monthly. Should you wish to leave the programme, you simply need to submit written notification to seven (7) calendar days prior to your next renewal.

In summary:

  • €149,99 monthly in the first three months, reducing to €119,99 monthly from month four.
  • 3 months minimum contract.
  • Leave anytime without penalty from month 4, providing 7 days’ notice prior to next renewal date.
  • Paid via securely direct debit.